Ayang Rinpoche

Ayang Rinpoche is also the founder of two monasteries, in cluding Thupten Shedup Janchub Ling at Bylakupee, Chogyab, and Ayang Tulku, Ayang being the name of a 435-year-old monastery in Kham (eastern Tibet) which is a branch of the Drikung main monastery.Perhaps no Tibetan lama is more identified with the transmission of Phowa to the West than His Eminence Ayang Rinpoche.

Monday, October 20, 2014

21st Annual Phowa Course 2015

The Twenty-First Annual Phowa Course in Bodhgaya will be held 8-17 January 2015. Ayang Rinpoche gives his 10-day Phowa Course annually at the holy place of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment, Bodhgaya. The course is free to participants. Rinpoche encourages everyone to attend the entire course, and to stay through the last day for the Tsok Offering Prayers.

Please make your hotel and travel arrangements early as Bodhgaya will be unusually full of pilgrims in January. For your reference, please see the 2014 Daily Schedule Bodhgaya Phowa Course. We will post the 2015 daily schedule as soon as it becomes available.

Rinpoche gives the Introduction to the True Nature of Mind teachings following the Phowa Course in alternate years. The next teachings will be in 2015.

Bodhgaya logistics and travel information and Bodhgaya Phowa Course site map

Rinpoche invites everyone, whether or not they can make a pilgrimage to Bodhgaya this year, to make an auspicious connection by sponsoring the Phowa Course. The teachings are free to participants, so sponsorship is essential to pay for all the arrangements, including venue and sound equipment rental, tea service, text and photo printing, travel and accommodations for Rinpoche and his attendants, etc. Please share the merit of your generosity in one of the following ways:

(1) Send a check in USD to Amitabha Foundation, 11 South Goodman Street, Rochester, New York 14607 USA (donations are tax deductible in the US);

(2) Wire your donation directly to theDrikung Charitable Society (not tax deductible);

(3) Pay by credit card or Paypal using the button below (donations are tax deductible in the US).

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phowa Teachings in Sydney 2014

PUBLIC TALK –The Bardos Teaching (Approx. 3-4 hours)
Date: Sunday November 30 at 2.00pm.
is talk is important preparation for the Phowa course.
Venue: Vietnamese Community Cultural Centre,
6/8 Bibbys Place, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177
Cost: Free

Date: Monday December 1 – Wednesday December 10
Venue: St Josephs Retreat Centre, Bringelly near Camden, south-west
of Sydney (approx. 1-1½ hours drive from Sydney north shore area).
Cost: Venue costs only: $45 per night (bunk beds, shared bathrooms), or $25 per day without accommodation.
Meals: $15 per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner Vietnamese vegetarian).

Important: Registration and pre-payment in full or a deposit are essential if you require accommodation and/or meals. The retreat centre is isolated self-catering is not possible.

Other Teachings in Australia

Following the Phowa course Rinpoche will o er teachings and empowerments at his Sydney Centre in Waitara, a northern suburb of Sydney.
Venue: Amitabha Foundation, 79 Edgeworth David Avenue, Waitara NSW Australia. Non-residential.

Date: ursday December 18. A form of Tara, Achi Chokyi Drolma is the female Buddha who is the protector of the Drikung Kagyu lineage and dispels obstacles for sincere practitioners.
Cost: Suggested minimum donation $80

Date: December 19-23. A rich and profound practice for those with devotion to the
Buddha of Boundless Light.
Cost: Suggested minimum donation $120

No speci c practice commitments are usually involved in receiving these teachings.
ose on low incomes are welcome to attend for less than the suggested donation.

Registration and Further Information 
Please see our website www.amitabhafoundation.org.au for registration and for further detail (daily schedule, costs, transport etc)

Contact: Jane Crancher (English language) ...... Phone: +61 (02) 9487 7404
Email: amitabhafoundationau@gmail.com

Tam ai (Vietnamese language) ....... Phone: +61 (0)408 664 742 Email: phowauc@gmail.com


Click to Download  Phowa course information 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Amitabha France, Paris Daily Schedule 2014

Oct 11’ 2014          9 am Amitayus empowerment preparation
                                 3 pm Amitayus empowerment
Oct 12’ 2014          9 am Vajrayogini empowerment preparation
     3 pm Vajrayogini Empowerment

Oct 13-15’ 2014     9 am Interview for True Nature of Mind Teaching  
    12 noon Lunch Break
    3 pm Continue with Interviews
Oct 16’ 2014        9 am True Nature of Mind teaching

Contact for Rinpoche in Europe from September 1’ 2014 to November 14’ 2014
Renate Stampfer
Address: 8153 Geistthal,
Sonnleiten 20,
Mobile : 0043699 17 000849

Bhiksu Thich Hanh Tan
Tu Vien Vo Luong Tho - Buddhistisches Klausurzentrum Amitayus
Schoenfeld 104
01762 Schmiedeberg - GERMANY
Tel. +49.35052.292235
Fax. +49.35052.292236

Christiane Uekermann
Boardmember Bodhicharya e.V.
Kinzigstr.25-29, 12047 Berlin
Tel: ++49 30 29009739
Mobilei: ++49 (0)1732035893

Patrick Leyrat
4 rue Barbette
75003 PARIS
Tel: 06 22 57 38 70

Tung-Lam Linh-Son Mahayana Pure Land Retreat Center
18 Hameau des Bosnages - 87290 Rancon France
Mobile : +33 (0)6 76 777 497

Zentrum für tibetischen Buddhismus
Oppenhoffallee 23
52066 Aachen
Tel.: +49/241/5153654