Ayang Rinpoche

Ayang Rinpoche is also the founder of two monasteries, in cluding Thupten Shedup Janchub Ling at Bylakupee, Chogyab, and Ayang Tulku, Ayang being the name of a 435-year-old monastery in Kham (eastern Tibet) which is a branch of the Drikung main monastery.Perhaps no Tibetan lama is more identified with the transmission of Phowa to the West than His Eminence Ayang Rinpoche.

Friday, September 16, 2016

I want to remind our sangha that many parts of Ayang Rinpoche's San Jose Phowa Course are open to the public:
Nyingma Oral Transmission Blessing (Lung) - September 12, 9 AM
Vajrasattva meditation and teaching - September 12, 2 PM
Drikung Oral Transmission Blessing (Lung) - September 14, 9 AM
Three Excellences teaching - September 14, 2 PM
Buddha Amitabha meditation and teaching - September 15, 9 AM
Milarepa tsok offering prayer ceremony - September 16, 2 PM
Buddha Amitabha tsok offering and Liberation for Dead Beings prayer ceremony - September 18, 9 AM. 
Download the corrected Phowa Course schedule here.

Even if you aren't able to attend any part of the Phowa Course, you may connect with the activities by making a donation or sending in names to be included in the Liberation for Dead Beings prayer ceremony (Neydren). You may make an offering on behalf of all sentient beings, loved ones or pets, no matter how long ago they have passed. All names must be submitted by Friday, September 16 at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Donations for the Liberation Prayers will support our Safe Childbirth in Tibet projectDonate online (add names when you check out) or send a check to our address below (reply to this email to add your names).

There is no charge to attend the Phowa Course or any of the teachings, empowerment or prayer ceremonies.

May all beings share in the merit of our activities,

Becky Loy
for the Amitabha Foundation USA
September 9-18, 2016  San Jose, California, USA
November 1-6, 2016  Hong Kong
True Nature of Mind Teachings, Milarepa Empowerment, Achi Chokyi Drolma Empowerment and Teachings

December 12-18, 2016  Taipei
Karma Lingpa Shitro (100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities) Empowerment
January 17-26, 2017 Bodhgaya, India